Sports Day 2017


Sports Day was a huge success.  The sun shone and the smiles were everywhere!  Big thanks to all of the parents and family members who came to cheer us on.  It was a clear victory for the red team this year!

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We hope that you enjoy reading our recounts.

St. George's Sports Day

I went to school.  It was Sports Day.  First we went to the hall.  We sat in our teams.  I a in green team.  We walked to the field and we say on the mats.  We watched the races.  I did the obstacle race and a running race.  I had lots of fun cheering the children on.

Charlie (Year 1)

Sports Day 2017

On Tuesday it was Sports Day so all the school had to jog onto the field.  What a boiling hot, sweaty day it was!  After we got on the grassy field we sat down in our team colours and waited for the next race.  How fast everyone ran!  It made me so impressed.  When it was the obstacle race, I got to do it and I came last.  Somehow it was difficult!  How hard it was.  It made me sweat!  It was really fun watching everyone winning.  The team that had the most points was red team.  They got eighty eight points.  Almost everyone drank all the water.  When the relay started I watched and saw what happened.  How did everyone win except me?  I could only do one race not two.  I was exhausted.  After the races, it was time to go back to class.  We all loved doing sports day.  Then in class we learned about other things not sports day.

Wictor (Year 2)

Sports Day

On Tuesday 20th June it was St. George's Sports Day.  I was in the yellow team.  We all walked into the hall and then we walked onto the field and sat in our teams.  The first race was called the obstacle.  I was not in that race but it was okay.  Mrs Horsfall told us to cheers on our team.

I was in the next race which was the egg and spoon.  The race after that was skipping but I don't like skipping so I didn't take part in that race.  Our team didn't win that one.

After the skipping race it was running.  I'm lucky my sister arrived for that one.  I took part in that.  Luckily I came third place so I was happy.

After running it was bean bag on head. 

The final race was the relay which I was in.  We were very lucky because yellow won twice in a row.  We cheered lots.

Joe (Year 3)

Sports Day

Today we did our sports day!  There were lots of different races for us to do.  We did six different races which were: running, relay, bean bag on head, skipping, obstacle and egg and spoon.  Mr Rand had to do the Year 5 skipping race becasue one of the pupils did not want to but luckily she did the next one!  Plus, a big thanks to Mrs Reid for the score board and all the other teachers that helped out.  A big well done to the red team who came first with a score of eighty eight points.  We really hope to do this next year too!

Elise (Year 4)

St George's Sports Day 2017

On 20th June, St. George's had their Sports Day.  Years 1 to 6 had to come dressed in their team colours. The teams are blue, yellow, green and red.  I'm in the blue team.

Before we got onto the field we all sat in our team colours and Mrs Tyers talked to us for a bit.  Miss Jones made sure that Year 5 had lots of sun cream on.

When we got onto the field we sat down in our teams and got ready for the obstacle race.  Summer and Jack did this race for the blues.

There were seven different races including: relay, running, skipping, egg and spoon and bean bag on head.

We finished the sporting event with the relay race.  The red team won overall.

Angel (Year 5)




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