Sports Day 2018

Sports Day

Today was sports day.  We ran fast.  Mis Tyers cam to woch.  It was hot.

Eldana (Reception)

Sports Day

On Tuesday 19th June it was Sports Day.  We had lots of different races.  I did the running race and the relay race.  I didn't win any of my races but I really enjoyed it.  I am in green team.  Our team was 2nd.  Blue team were the winners.

Shalom (Year 1)

Sports Day

Yesterday it was Sports Day.  It was a sunny day.  I came to school in a red top.  There were lots of races.  The first one was the obstacle race.  Then the bean bag on head and the egg and spoon.  I was in the running race.  Mrs Morse and Mrs Thomas gave out the stickers.  At the end there was a parent race and a teachers race.  My favourite part was running with Grace because red team won.

Faith (Year 2)

Sports Day

When it was sports day we went on the field.  We did the egg and spoon race, the running race, the obstacle race and more.  I did the running race and the obstacle race.  The blue team and all my team won which was great.  The teacher race and the parent race were so funny and in the teacher race Mr Thornton cheated because he got a head start and he went before Mrs Tyers even said go! I had lots of fun and I couldn't believe my team won.  I want to do it again.

Lois (Year 3)

Sports Day is a Success!

On Tuesday 19th June 2018, St George's Primary School took part in Sports Day at 9.30am.  To start the amazing, spectacular day two members of each colour team took part in the obstacle race.  Fantastic green team won 1st place then terrific blue team came 2nd, amazing yellow team 3rd and upset red team in last place.  The next special event was the running race 1 and 2.  Still the magnificent board holding the scores showed that the greens were still in the lead.  They won again.  The third race was the skipping race.  Surprisingly red won 1st and blue won 2nd with green 3rd and yellow in last place.

Anjaleena (Year 4)

Sports Day

On Tuesday 19th June, St. George's C of E Primary School children, parents and staff took part in Sports Day.  Years 1 to 6 lined up in the hall to get ready.  The hall was a sea of red, gree, blue and yellow (team colours).  As we setled into our team places, Mrs Tyers (Head Teacher) and Mr Hutson (Sports Coach) showed us what we had to do for the first event which was the Obstacle Race. My team colour, green, started to chant "EVIE, JUNIOR." Evie was as fast as lightening.  She jumped over the yellow stand, went in and out of the hoop, threw the bean bag and off she went, winning 50 points for the green team. Next was the running race.  Once again a boy called Tomasz ran as quick as a flash......winning green team 100 points.  We cheered and won a couple of games but we started to tie with blue.  The pressure was on! Blue team had 700.  They won quite a lot.  Green had 700, Yellow had 200 and Red had 130.  In the end, Blue team ended up hvig the epic comeback, which lead them to glory, but it wasn't quite over yet.  The funnier stuff began.  In the parent race, four parents got a red, yellow, green or blue bib.  They ran rapidly and yet again, green lost.  Yellow won.  Finally, we finished with a teacher race.  Mr McEleney, Mr Lentini, Mr Thornton and las but not least Miss Newby ran like shooting stars.  You know what comes next. Green lost.  Yellow won.

On the contrary, it wasn't all about winning, it was all about having fun!

Feyi (Year 5)

Sports Day

On Tuesday 19th of June, our school's 2018 sports day was held.  The children sat in their team colours on the field (red, green, blue and yellow).

The races began at 9.15am and it lasted until around 11.  There were eight races, each group competing in every race.

The races which took place were: the obstacle race, the skipping race, the egg and spoon race, the running race, the bean bag on head race and the relay race.

There was a teachers and a parents race at the end.  In the parents race McKenzie's dad (from Year 4) won and in the teachers race Mr Thornton won.

The scores were close between blue and green team but towards the end, blue team gained more points and over took the green team.  They had a fair victory with 820 points where as green had 780.

I thoroughly enjoyes sports day and unfortunately it was my last one at St. george's.

Abby-May (Year 6)


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