Hockey Tournament - September 2017

Some people from our school were chosen by Mr Hutson to go to a hockey tournament.  The Year 6 pupils chosen were Evie, Olivia, Abby, Jack W, Warith and Max.  The competition was at River View Primary School against eight schools.  We won one match and we drew the others.  In the end we came joint third with St. Paul's and Lower Kersal.  Overall, we enjoyed every minute and tried our very best.

Abby (Year 6)

On Thursday 28th September, three girls and three boys from eight schools went to River View were having a hockey competition.  There were seven games each.  It was a really good afternoon.  Some of the teams we played were hard.  We scored against St. Paul#s and we drew with the other schools.  Overall, we came joint third with Lower Kersal and St. Paul's.  We all had a fun and good time.

Olivia (Year 6)

At 1 o'clock, a coach arrived at St. George's.  Everyone entered the coach and we set off to pick up St. Paul's.  Finally, we arrived at the destination of River View Primary School.  First on the pitch were Evie, Max, Olivia and Jack.  There were seven matches.  We won one and we drew the others.  At the end of the games we got our results and we came third.

Jack W (Year 6)

At 1.30pm the coach arrived at our school.  We all got on and went to pick up St. Paul's.  When we arrived at River View, Miss Barker and Mrs Reid told us who was going to play first.  Jack, Olivia, Max and Evie were on for the first half.  The first half was great however nobody won.  In total we played seven matches.  We came thrid place and River View won.  Everyone played really well.

Warith (Year 6)

As soon as we arrived, Mrs Reid and Miss Barker told us who was going to play the first four-minute match.  Me, Jack, Olivia and Max made our way to the top pitch to play against River View. We all had our own game plan and we all played very hard but unfortunately, we didn't win.  We played a list of other schools, having breaks inbetween.  Our team won one match and drew two.  As the results were being shouted out, the coach told us that we came joint third.  Overall, we played exceptionally well and tried our very best.

Evie (Year 6)

We went to Riverview.  When we got there, there were seven schools playing.  At the end we got thrid place and Riverview got first.  I went with Jack, Olivia, Abby, Evie and Warith.

Max (Year 6)


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