Harvest Service 2017

The Harvest Festival

Today, we celebrated harvest in our church.  The Harvest Festival is the time where we come together and collect food to share out amongst the poor and homeless.

I walked to the church with my friend Jack.  We talked all the way.

During the service we all sang songs and some children read out some readings and prayers.  The songs we sang were: Think of a World, Autumn Leaves, Big Red Combine Harvester, Harvest Samba, Harvest Song and Our Father.

These children shared prayers and readings: Gabby, Lincoln, Summer, Megan, Lauren, Jack, Lukasz, Angel, Jake and Abby.

I walked back to schoo with my friend Jack.  We talked all the way.

Rhys (Year 6)

Every year we travel to St Thomas's Church and Father Daniel tells us about the Harvest Festival and we sing some Harvest songs!

Harvest is about us saying 'Thank you' to God for the food, farmers, rain and sunshine.  It's all about sharing with homeless people so that they don't starve.

Year 6 read readings and at the very end of the reading they said the song we were about to sing.

Being a Christian at Harvest Festival is fun because we get to see  big piece of bread and it is baked.  We thought is was plastic!  It feels like Christians are special because we are sharing with other people and it is a bit like trading.  The bread with the mouse on is a symbol of harvest of sharing.  It feels like we are loved because of all the food we get but sometiimes we have to give up our food and give it to the homeless because they are less fortunate.

Joe (Year 4)

On Monday 9th October, the whole school walked up to church.  After a long walk we finally got there.  We sat down on the benches and Father Daniel welcomed us.  Some people did readings about harvest, then we sang a song.  Father Daniel collected food that the children brought for a Salford charity.  After singing some more songs we put our habds together and we said our prayers.  Mrs Tyers thanked Father Daniel for the harvest service and we walked back to school.

Wiktor (Year 3) 

On Monday we went to church and watched the Harvest Festival.  We listened to father Daniel and sang songs.  We did some prayers.  The Harvest festival was cool!

Cintia (Year 1)


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