Harvest 2018


On Monday 8th October we went to church to celebrate Harvest time.  We walked in pairs.  First Father Daniel said a prayer.  Next we sang Harvest songs.  Then we said thank you to God and walked back to our school.

Scarlett (Year 1)


This week the school went to church.  First we went to the hall to get into partners.  I was partners with Jessica.  Next we walked to St Thomas Church. Ater that Father Daniel welcomed us to the church. Then we sang Autun Leaves, Big Red Combine Harvester and I the Lord of Sea and Sky.  Father Daniel showed us the bread.  Finally we walked back to school.

Mark (Year 2)


On Monday we went to church for our Harvest.  First we went into pairs.  Then we went to the hall.  Then we walked to the church.  When we got to church we first sang Here I am Lord.  Next we sang Autumn Leaves.  Then we sang Think of a World.  I sang solo.  I sang verse 2 and verse 4 of  Harvest Song and Grace sang verse 1 and verse 3.  The last song we sang was Our Father.  Then Father Daniel said a prayer.  Then we went back to school. Then we had playtime.

Declan (Year 3)


On Monday 8th October, KS1 and KS2 walked to church for the Harvets Festival.

The Harvest Festival is a celebration where we celebrate Harvest and crops being grown and we thank God for the food.

At about 9am, the school was in the church and we confortably say on the benches.  Year 6 read out readings and everybody listened.

Father Daniel presented a gift of bread.  The school prayed and quietly left at about 10.30am.  When we got back, we continued with our day.

It was a great day at church, even Mrs Tyers was saying it was a lovely service.

Wiktor (Year 4)

The Harvest Service

On Monday 8th October, St. George's C of E Primary School walked up to St. Thomas Church.

The day started by all the children pairing up with another child.  After we all had a partner we started up to church.

Once we got to church I and Charlie set the donations of canned food and packeted food.

The service started by Father Daniel introducing the pupils, teachers and parents to the church.  After, he showed the bread around.  Renae and Charlie from Year 6 read out their readings.  Once Renae finished her reading she introduces the choir to 'Think of a World'.

Me and Elise went up to the alter and did readings about autumn leaves.  Then we sang Autumn Leaves.  After this we had a number of songs and heard a number of readings.

I really enjoyed the Harvest Service because I liked reading in front of the church.

Ellie (Year 6)


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