Easter Service 2017

Please enjoy reading the following selection of recounts, written by pupils in Years 1 to 6.



On Monday I went to the church.  We listened to the Easter story and we sang some songs.  I liked going to the church.  I had fun.

Madison (Year 1)

My Trip to the Church

We went to church.  My favourite song was When I Think About the Cross.  My best soloist was Kiara.  My favourite speech was The Trial.  I loved the acting and my favourite actor was Farhan.  Everyone was singing so brilliantly that a woman at the back started to cry.  Miss Jones was in charge of the music. I was so tired standing up and sitting down.  When we got back to school I was exhausted!.

Gbemi (Year 2)

Our Trip to the Church

On Monday 27th March we went to St. Thomas' Church for our Easter Service.  It was a lovely, warm and sunny day.  We left school at 9.25am and walked to the church.  Mr Hutson made sure the traffic stopped so we could cross the road safely.

When we got to the church we sang songs and listened to the readings of the Easter Story.  Father Daniel and Reverand Caroline led us in prayers.  Sofi, CJ and Kiara sang solos which were really good.  Everybody enjoyed singing Easter Jubilation.  At about 10.40am we finally walked back to school in the sunshine.

Daniel (Year 3)

Our Easter Service

On Monday 27th March 2017, the school walked up to church.  This time we didn't have the police to walk up with us so the teachers stopped the cars.

The first song we sang was Here I am Lord.  We had three soloists for Mary's Song, When I Think About the Cross and Servant King.

Some children did readings.  Our readings were about The Last Supper when Jesus tells his disciples that one of them will betray him.  Judas asks if it would be him.  Jesus then replies 'Yes'.

After that, it was time to listen to Father Daniel. He told us that it had been the most enjoyable service in the history of the church's diary.  Also our singing was excellent.  It was Father Daniel's sixth service and it was also Mrs Tyers sixth service.

Sometime later, we walked back to school.  When we got back it was time to play out. 

My favourite part of going to church was watching the acting.

Ellie (Year 4)

Our Church Visit

Before we went to the church we had a rehearsal of our songs and readings.  We practised songs such as Thank you Lord, Here I Am Lord and a few others.  Five children from each class, starting from Year 3, read a reading. 

On Monday, a few days after the rehearsal, we all went to the toilet, got our coats and went into the hall.  We were all put in pairs and we set off to church.

On the way to church, Mr Hutson stopped the traffic because we didn't have any police to help us.  Me and Lukasz stayed on the inside of the pavement to keep away from the cars.  We were talking and listening to each other.  When we arrived at church everyone went silent and slowly walked in.

In the church we went and found our seats then waited for Father Daniel whilst the music was playing.  When we were all quietly sitting down, Father Daniel greeted us.  After that, some children from Year 6 got up and started reading a reading.  Then five Year 3 children got up and started telling us about Palm Sunday.  We then sang Here I Am Lord.  When we had all finished singing five Year 4 children went up and read a reading.  Once they had stopped reading everyone stood up and we sang Thank you Lord.  I went up with Evie and Jack and read a reading about Peter's betrayal of Jesus.  Finally Domenika and a few others went up and started acting out the part where Pontious Pilot asked the crowd if they wanted to release Jesus or Barabas.  Father Daniel said a prayer and we all exited the church.

On our way back from the church, I was with Lukasz again.  We talked about what we were going to play outside.  Mrs Downey helped Mr Hutson to stop the traffic because we had no police.

My favourite part of the service was when Year 6 acted out the part about Pontious Pilot.

Jake (Year 5)

St. George's C of E Primary School Easter Service 2017

On Monday 27th March, classes 1 to 6 went up to St Thomas' Church to celebrate Easter.  We had a church service full of singing, acting, readings and prayers.  Our school choir had rehearsed a few songs for us to sing in the service.  Servant King was sung just by the choir and a soloist from Year 2.  CJ in year 6 also sang a solo to a song called 'When I Think About the Cross'.  Even I got to sing a solo part.  A couple of our Year 6s did some acting during the service.  Here is a list of some of the characters played: Jesus, Pontius Pilate and the crowd of Jerusalem.  All throughout the classes we had readings.  In chronological order we had acting and readings to explain the Easter Story.  One of our school's favourite Easter songs, Easter Jubilation, was sung towards the end.  To end our service we said The Lord's Prayer and had a little speech from Father Daniel and Reverand Caroline.  In my opinion I think it was a very good service which was enjoyed by all.

Sofi (Year 6) 



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