Easter Service 2018

On Tuesday 27th March we celebrated Easter with a service in the school hall.  These are some of our recounts.


We went to asemble to sing abowt eesta. Jeesus was croosifad.  He was in a toom.  He was in Heven.

Barirah (Reception)

Our Easter Service

I woke up and I was very excited because I was going to church.  I had my breakfast and I got ready for school.  Then I walked to school with my mummy.  When I got to school I was soaking wet because it was raining.  When I found out I was not going to church I felt upset and disappointed.  However the church came to school and we had a wonderful Easter Service.  My favourite part was singing all of the songs!

Evie-Lilly (Year 1)

Our Church Assembly

Today we did our Easter Service.  We were supposed to go to the church but it was so rainy we didn't go there.  The teachers and school were in the hall.  It started with Father Daniel saying something.

We sang Our Father, Easter Jubilation and the choir and soloists sang too.  Year 3 up to Year 6 did readings.  The first of the stories was The Last Supper.

Finally, we finished up.  It was great.  When we got out of the hall, we walked silently.

Charlie (Year 2)

Our Church Assembly

Today all the classes came to the Easter Service because we couldn't go out to St. Thomas Church in the horrible weather.  It started by all of us sitting in team colours.  The first reading was read  by Gabby in Year 6 followed by Year 3 readers.

Next, we sang Hosanna.  After that, the Year 4 readers came up and then Year 5 came up.  They told us the story of The Last Supper.  Then the choir sang Thank you Jesus.

After a while, Lucas from Year 6 told us a prayer.  Soon Father Daniel also told us a prayer.  Right before leaving we sang Easter Jubilation.  Finally we left the hall.  I thought it was amazing because Early Years got to come too.

Gbemi (Year 3)

The Easter Service

This morning, we had our Easter Service at 10am.  Unfortunately it was raining so we went into the hall.  The first song was called Here I am Lord.  Angel and Summer were really good.  Everybody liked them.  Also the choir were good.  I liked the sog called Risen.  Father Daniel was there but Reverend Caroline wasn't.  The readers were really clear and Year 4 read all about The Last Supper.

Daniel (Year 4)

The Easter Service

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, St. George's C of E Primary School had an Easter Service.  Unfortunately the bad weather conditions prevented us from walking to the church so it took place in the hall at about 9.30am.  Just then, each class was called into the hall to begin the service.  When we came in we had to sit in our team colours - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

After that, Father Daniel, our school priest, welcomed us into the hall.  We sang our first hymm 'Here I am Lord'.  Eventually, there was a Year 6 reader (Gabby) who read from Matthew Chapter 20.

After several more readings, we sang 'Hosanna' which included our school choir.  The third and fourth readings were read by pupils from Year 6 and Year 3.  The hymms we sang after that were 'Thank you for Loving me' and 'Servant King'.  Later, a girl from Year 5 called Elise read from the Garden of Gethsemane.  Then a boy from Year 5 - Mario - read anothe reading about when Peter denied Jesus.

In between that, a member of the choir called Angel sang a solo.  The song was 'When I Think about the Cross'.  We also had our seventh reader, Summer (another choir member), sing 'Mary's Song' which sounded amazing!

Later, Lucas from Year 6 read the leaving prayer and Father Daniel read the rest.  For our last song we san 'Easter Jubilation'.

I really enjoyed the Easter Service!

Feyi (Year 5)

Easter Service

Today, the 27th March, Father Daniel and a few other people from St Thomas Church came to St George's Primary School to do an Easter Service.

To start the mornign off, Father Daniel welcomed us into the hall.  We were meant to go to the church but the weather was miserable.  We started off by singing 'Here I am Lord'.

Some Year 6 readers came and read.  To follow on from Gabby's reading Year 3 read about the Last Supper.

After that, Year 4 and 5 had readings and then we sang Hosanna.  Then the choir (that includes me) sang Thank you for Loving me.

We had more readings from Year 6 and then we sang Servant KIng.  Angel (who had a solo) sang When I Think About the Cross. 

Summer also had a solo and she was singing Mary's Song - she also had a reading in the service.

When we started to sing Risen everyone else sang the chorus and the choir sang the verses.  Even Mrs Reid joined in.

To end our wonderful Easter Service, we sang Easter Jubilation.  Father Daniel and Lukasz ended with  prayer and Father Daniel said the Lord's Prayer.

Marina (Year 6)


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