We hold a Communion Service in school every term.  We hope you enjoy reading the recounts that we have produced.

Communion - November 2017

On Monday morning, we slowly walked to assembly for Father Daniel's Communion Service.  When we walked inside, Reverend Caroline welcomed us.

Next, we heard prayers and readings said by Year 6.  Then we sang six songs including Our Father and Lord of Sea and Sky.

Later, Father Daniel told us the story about David and Goliath.  Then I relaised I was sat next to Gbemi.  After that Father Daniel said The Lord's Prayer and we joined in.

Finally, we got blessed.  After that we silently walked back to Mr McEleney's class and we got to go and play outside in the playground.

Wiktor (Year 3)

Communion - June 2017

Firstly, we settled down into our team colours of red, green, yellow and blue.  We were in different sections of the hall and displayed nicely.  Shortly afterwards, Father Daniel welcomed us into the Eucharist.  We couldn't wait to get started!

We began Communion with one of our favourite songs, "Our God is a Great Big God".  It's so energising and fun to sing.  Nothing can get everyone dancing like that song can.

We then had a few readings from the bible.  All of the readings were fluent and a delight to listen to.

A while after, we sang some more lovely songs.  The choir sang "Make me a Channel of your Peace" on their own.  It was medolic and unisonic.  They all have brilliant voices.

After that, Reverend Caroline and Year 6 read out the story of Stephen.  He was killed for his own beliefs.  It was a sad, but interesting, story.

Now, we can't forget the bread and wine can we?  Only Year 6 received it but the rest of the school were given blessings.

We were just coming to the end.  We all shook hands and exited the hall.  I can't wait for the next one!


Gabby (Year 5)


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