Annie at The Opera House

In February I went to the Opera House to see Annie.  At the start it was just a normal day but after phonics it all began.  Lyndan came to our class and told us to get our coats.  Summer went to the toilet and I think Evie did too.  Mrs Reid told us what to do and let us take some crisps and a drink.  After that we got in a line and went outside.  There was a minibus but not all of us could fit so Mrs Reid rang somebody on her phone. She got really mad but we finally got there.  Mrs Reid gave us all our tickets and a lady checked them so we could go in.  After that we found where our seats were and settled own.  The show started. It was all singing and dancing.  I loved it.  My favourite songs were Maybe, Tomorrow and A Hard Knock Life.  We had a break and ate our food and went to the toilet.  At the end there was one more song.  It ended on Christmas Day.  When it ended we left and had a biscuit because we had to wait for the mini bus to come.  When we got back to school some of us went to Miss Grainger because some of our parents weren't there.  I loved the show.  I hope we go to another show with Choir soon.  I love Choir!

Kendall (Year 2)

On Thursday 7th February the choir went to see Annie the Musical at the Opera House.  It was great!  The first song was It's a Hard Knock Life.  My favourite song was You're Never Fully Dressed.  My favourite part of it was when Annie went with Mr Warbucks.  My least favourite part was wheMiss Hannigan's sister and her husband pretended to be Annie's parents.  They pretended that their names were Mr and Mrs Mudge.  Apart from that bit I loved it all.

Evie-Lilly (Year 2)

First, Mrs Mortin came to get us from our classroom.  Next, we went to the toilet and we went to the library.  When we got to the library Mrs Reid explained some rules and told us to pick a packet of crisps and juice.  After, we got our food we got in a line to go to the minibus.  Then we met our driver and he drove us to Annie.  We got to the Opera House and the we went in a line to go inside.  Then we sat down and waited patiently for it to begin.  In the first scene Molly woke up and asked Annie to read her the letter from her mum and dad.  In the middle there was a lady that wated a child to spend the Christmas holidays. At  loved the musical.

Beatriz (Year 3)

On Thursday 7th February, the choir travelled to the Opera House to watch a performance called Annie.

Mrs Reid and Mrs Mortin took us there in taxis.  The show began at 2.30 ad we made it just in time. We were at the back of the theatre but we still had a good voew from there.  We all had tickets to get inside ad they had on them where we hd to sit.

All of us were very excited about the show and when it turned dark (the lights) we were all quiet ready for the show to begin.

When it started they were in bed and talking to each other.  There was good backgrounds for every scene and there was lots of singing and dancing nd actions going on.

On stage was a real dog, it was very cute.  The girl who played Annie, it was her first time doing it.  We all loved the show and hope to see it again.  The best part was when the dog came on stage and my favourite song was 'Tomorrow'.

Macie (Year 6)

First, we went to the library to get a packet of crisps and a drink.  Then we went outsie and there was chaos!  Only one of the minubuses came.  We had to rig Mainline to pick up the rest of us!

Once we got there, we handed our tickets in  and sat down and watched.

One hour later, it was toilet break.  WE also ate our crisps ad drank our drink.  I lost all of my crisps!  I was starving! Then, when the play started again, Annie started her act.

At the end, Miss Hannigan announced that it was Annie's first time on stage!

Finally we went outside ad got in the minibus.  Even though I got in ten minutes after the rest, I made it back first!

Kiara (Year 4)

On Thursday 7th February, St. George's Primary School choir went to the Opera HOuse to watch Annie the Musical.

Mrs Reid and Mrs Mortin were in charge and ordered two minibuses to take us there but we almost went late, so we had to hurry.

When we reacher the theatre, Mrs Reid handed out our tickets.  Then we got shown to our seats by a nice lady. 

AFter sortig out the seats, the show was ready to start.  The play was filled with bright lights, dancing and singing.  Choir really loved it and want to go agai sometime soon.  My favourite song was Little Girls.

Gbemi (Year 4)



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